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Andrew E. Woodard – President & COO 

Elliott Oil Company 


Born and raised in Ottumwa, Andrew returned to his hometown in May 2010 after finishing his degree in Business Administration with a focus in Management & Finance from Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa. Growing up around the family business and tagging along with the maintenance guys at a young age, Andrew waited to join Elliott Oil and didn’t begin working for his father until after his sophomore year of college. During high school and college he gained working experience while working for a construction company, mechanical company & an event center on their maintenance and security crew. Andrew attributes the knowledge and work ethic he gained from his previous working experiences, along with the leadership roles and success both in the classroom and in athletics during his life as one of the most valuable key building blocks to his leadership and role as a business owner today. 

Once moving back to Ottumwa in 2010 and after working in Elliott Oil’s convenience stores during college learning their operations from the daily “customer to clerk interaction,” he quickly joined Elliott Oil’s management team and transitioned into a leadership role as the General Manager. In 2014, he became Vice President of Elliott Oil and that same year he also started a new Wholesale Fuel Distribution division within Elliott Oil which now wholesales gasoline and diesel fuel across the Midwest in five states. 

Now in 2019, serving as the company’s President & COO, Andrew focuses on managing Elliott Oil’s fuel distribution network across all segments of their business and also overseas their fuel transportation and direct retail departments. He believes some of the most important leadership practices in today’s business world that should be lived out daily are creating a company culture with solid core values, leading by example for your peers and hiring smart people that fit your company’s culture. 

In addition, Andrew serves on the Executive Board of the Ottumwa Area Chamber of Commerce, Wapello County Foundation Board, BP Products North America’s IT Board and BPAMA’s National Leadership Board. He and his wife also coach girls youth softball in Ottumwa. Outside of the office aside from his family, you’ll find Andrew in the gym each morning as he strongly believes fitness and both physical and mental health play a big role in not just your job, but for your family and life in general. 

Andrew and his wife Stacey, both Ottumwa natives, have two daughters, Augusta (13) and Adaline (4) and a son, Acre (1). 

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